NACDS Total Store Expo

Saturday, August 6th

I Got on the Shelf, Now What?

This session gave insights into what matters to a buyer, how challenger brands are becoming #1, how to target a campaign around every POS, why most brand extensions fail, and how to drive in-store sales of your products.


Sunday, August 7th

The Role of Predictive Analytics and Health Information Technology in Advancing Population Health and Pharmacy Quality

Advances in predictive analytics and health information technology are enhancing the capability of community pharmacies to impact population health and the quality of patient health outcomes. Data analytics and technology solutions can be implemented in community pharmacies to help fine-tune outcomes-based intervention strategies. This session will highlight some of the benefits of cutting edge technology and address how to successfully overcome barriers and integrate with workflow.


Winning with Digital III

Now in its third year, we present primary research on how chain pharmacy retailers leverage digital marketing to grow their business. This year we have updated the study and will show how companies are expanding their digital marketing capabilities to drive awareness and sales. We will present the findings of this new research at this session at the Total Store Expo.


Monday, August 8th

Community-Based Point-of-Care Testing: From Innovative Care Model to Common Practice

Community Pharmacies are the most accessible health care destination. Advancements in CLIA-waived Point-of-Care Testing have provided the opportunity for Pharmacy to improve population health through screening for acute and chronic conditions. In this session, seasoned experts and field operators will take you through their journey from concept, to implementation, to every-day practice.


Embracing the Hispanic Consumer

The U.S. Hispanic demographic is growing – and getting younger – by the day. They are becoming more affluent as well, with spending power of over 1.4 Trillion U.S. dollars – which would be the 16th largest economy in the world – today. This illustrates how critical it is to reach this emerging population segment. This session will outline key facts and insights that illustrate brand’s marketing mix. It will discuss the value of the Hispanic consumer, insights into culturally significant factors which inform purchase decisions, and the shopping habits of the segment in order to establish the Hispanic demographic as a “bullseye consumer.”


Overcoming Barriers to Improve Access to Naloxene in the Community Pharmacy Setting

Opioid overdoses are on the rise and Naloxone can prevent over-dose related death. When supported by state laws, pharmacists can improve access to the life-saving medication. In this session, experts will focus on how to overcome barriers related to program implementation, reimbursement, and public awareness and acceptance in order to improve access to Naloxone in the community pharmacy setting.


Trends in Telehealth

Advancements in Telehealth have increased access to care for those in need. This has created new channels for community pharmacy to play a unique role in team-based care. In this session, experts will discuss the current and future state of Telehealth, highlighting the growing opportunities for pharmacy involvement.