Bob Celeste

Founder Center for Supply Chain Studies

Bob’s in-depth of knowledge of and experience in the pharmaceutical supply chain, including current standards, regulations and technologies, is unparalleled. His ability to harness this expertise to innovate around complex challenges has made him a leader and trusted partner to industry in its ongoing efforts to implement track & trace, serialization and regulations.
Bob has a long history of working with State and Federal Regulators. He worked with the FDA on its FDA Pilot Program designed to explore and evaluate ways to enhance the safety and security of the pharmaceutical supply chain. He continues to lead the way in industry exploration and education with the publication of the Center’s DSCSA- Master Data Management VirtualPilotTM and DSCSA – Blockchain VirtualPilotTM to be published in the Fall of 2017. Working with hospitals, wholesalers and manufacturers, Bob developed the Studies to examine the most effective processes in handling the newly required data.
Prior to founding the Center, Bob was Senior Director at GS1 US where he worked with industry on standards-based, item-level traceability and was the lead in developing the pharma supply chain simulation model for DSCSA, as well as the comprehensive guideline for how to apply EPCIS for DSCSA requirements.
For over 20 years, Bob continues to utilize simulation processes for a wide range of industries such as Pharmaceutical, Consumer Goods, Fresh Foods, Aerospace, Automotive, Specialty Chemicals and others.