Erin Passons

Founder & President Passons Consulting, LLC

Erin Passons is the president and founder of Passons Consulting. She has spent her career helping business leaders, managers, and employees improve their performance and effectiveness through professional development workshops and coaching. Prior to launching her own consulting practice, Erin worked as a Management Consultant for Gallup, the research and consulting firm known for creating the StrengthsFinder assessment and for their work with global public opinion and workplace polling. During her tenure at Gallup, Erin worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Best Buy, Hewlett Packard, Toyota, and Disney to provide training and coaching in the areas of management effectiveness, leadership development, performance management, employee engagement, and talent-based hiring.
Today she works with a variety of organizations to provide coaching and facilitation in the areas of Strengths-based performance, leadership development, and team building. Her current clients include companies such as Qualcomm, Genentech, Cox Communications, Turner Construction, and Vistage Worldwide. Erin is also the founder of StrengthsNetwork San Diego, an association for StrengthsFinder professionals and followers in the Southern California region. She has certified over 300 coaches in the Strengths-based approach, and is also a certified MBTI practitioner.
Her goal is to help people do what they do best, at work and in life. Erin earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of California-Santa Barbara and received her MBA from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.