Jeff Rochon, PharmD

Chief Executive Officer Washington State Pharmacy Association

Dr. Jeff Rochon earned his Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Washington School of Pharmacy. He completed a Community Practice Residency at Kelley-Ross Pharmacy in Seattle, WA. Over his career, Dr. Rochon has worked in hospital, clinic and community pharmacy settings. Dr. Rochon is the Chief Executive Officer for the Washington State Pharmacy Association. Advocating for patient access to care provided by pharmacists is one of his top priorities. To achieve this end, he has worked with lawmakers, other healthcare provider organizations, patient advocacy groups, and insurers in Washington State. Dr. Rochon has been involved in the efforts to pass state legislation, including the passage of SB 5557 which will increase the number of pharmacists in health plan preferred provider networks ultimately leading to improved patient access to the expertise of pharmacists in hospitals, clinics, community pharmacies and nursing homes. Over the past several years, he and his colleagues have worked closely with health plans to facilitate the successful implementation of SB 5557 including integrated provider network enrollment processes, and mechanisms for appropriate coding and billing medical claims with necessary documentation and compliance.