Vision 2028

Vision 2028

Insights into the future of chain and retail pharmacy.

What does the future of drug stores look like? Vision 2028 provides insights into the future of retailing and trading-partner collaboration, with a unique blend of technology, and interactivity.

Vision 2028 will be open during Exhibit Hall hours:
Sunday, August 20, from 11:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Monday, August 21, from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, August 22, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

Vision 2028 Participants:

This year’s pavilion will serve as both a snapshot of emerging technologies that will disrupt the retail and CPG industries as well as a solution center aimed at expanding the dialogue on some of today’s emerging business issues. Some of the key topics that will be covered in the pavilion include: Alternative competition, e-commerce, promotion effectiveness and the role of assortment. Emerging technologies and companies will be announced in the coming weeks.
NACDS is pleased to be partnering with the following companies:

FacenoteFor companies interested in identifying their most valuable customers, Facenote is a facial identification platform that allows them to recognize their customers in real time and give them special treatment. Unlike existing solutions, that require a development team and special hardware, this platform only needs a webcam or mobile device in the store and customers can be remembered as simply as sending a signal and Facenote lets you recognize you customers better than anyone.

Feelter - increases User Generated Content (UGC) by tenfold and literally has tens of thousands of true organic consumer reviews of most products available to consumers. Their dynamic and multimedia based content increases conversions, engagement and time on site while at the same time reducing bounce rates.

Forge - empowers retailers and other companies to offer the same flexibility that ride-share drivers have to their hourly workforce. Forge provides retailers with the scheduling software to offer flexibility a performance rating tool to track the highest quality talent and a verified talent pool of additional workers to hire into their workforce to ensure supply na demand of labor are met during both peaks and lulls.

InVRsion - is a high-tech company, founded in 2015. We are specialized in real-time, room-scale virtual reality solutions. We design and arrange impactful rooms where VR can be experienced as a user or as a spectator, by integrating high-end HMDs with professional projection systems. We produce custom libraries of hyper-detailed 3-D projects and environments, optimized for the VR experience. We develop analytics solutions to study and kind of situation inside the VR.

Kantar Retail - Visit Kantar to take deep dives on four key issues that are top of mind today and tomorrow: Extreme Value Grocery is Here: Separating Myth From Reality, Connected Care: How Brands Can Win in the Digital Health & Wellness Space, Insights to Influence – New Tools for SI and Shopper Marketing, and Shelving Solutions: Analytics to Shelf Visualization in 3 Easy Steps.

Kantar Retail Sessions Schedule

LogistiVIEW - is pioneering augmented reality solutions that solve real-world business problems. Powered by their VIEW Platform, they offer industry solutions including pharmacy, store, and warehouse operations. LogistiVIEW makes your workforce smarter, safer, and more accurate than ever before.

VirtualAPT’s - mission is to help landlords and brokers market their properties in an immersive and interactive way in order to differentiate their offering while saving time and money. Our VR/360º videos recreate a walkthrough tour of real spaces. The combination of mobility, the verbal sales presentation, and 4K-quality visualization is the most authentic way to tour 10 spaces in 20 minutes.
We create customized content in multiple languages to allow maximum global engagement on our proprietary web-based player. We bring more qualified eyes to each property: leasing and selling spaces faster. Our proprietary technology connects the global marketplace while maintaining the interpersonal aspects of a face-to-face interaction.

XRC Labs - is an innovation accelerator that invests in and helps develop early-stage startups positioned to disrupt the retail and consumer goods sector. XRC Labs additionally works closely with best-in-class global retailers and brands to forge innovation partnerships, advise on technology adoption and forward-thinking trends to empower them to meet the needs of consumers today and for generations to come.