What does the future of drug stores look like?  Vision 2029 provides insights into the future of retailing and trading-partner collaboration, with a unique blend of technology, and interactivity.

Vision 2029 will be open during Exhibit Hall hours:

Sunday, August 26, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Monday, August 27, from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Vision 2029 Participants

This year’s pavilion will serve as both a snapshot of emerging technologies that will disrupt the retail and CPG industries as well as a solution center aimed at expanding the dialogue on some of today’s emerging business issues. Some of the key topics that will be covered in the pavilion include: Alternative competition, e-commerce, promotion effectiveness and the role of assortment. Emerging technologies and companies will be announced in the coming weeks.

NACDS is pleased to be partnering with the following companies:

Clearview AI - Booth 2245

Clearview AI has extremely accurate facial identification. In under a second it can find a match in our database of millions of photos. It can be integrated in security cameras, iPhone/iPad apps, and with an API. Unlike other facial recognition companies, Clearview AI provides a curated database of millions (and soon billion) of faces from the open-web.

CONVERG - Booth 2346

CONVRG is a B2B omni-channel automated voice and messaging platform for enterprise brands that want to reach their consumer on voice assistants and messaging apps, using the same brand voice they have invested so heavily in. Unlike other chatbot platforms, our proprietary technology uses machine learning to adopt the language of the brand, creating conversational experiences that are personalized and purposeful.

DeepMagic – Booth 2347

DeepMagic uses AI to enable frictionless shopping – any store, any place, any time. Patent-protected computer vision technology powers the Qick Kiosk – a 24/7 unattended, secure, small-footprint, walk-in store. Qick Kiosk enables the operating benefits of vending machines and the product diversity and customer experience of a small retail store. DeepMagic has signed agreements with major brands and retailers and identified more than 1.7 million potential Qick Kiosk locations in the US alone: hotels, apartment buildings, commercial office spaces, and university campuses.

Inspector Cloud - Booth 2348

At Inspector Cloud we build image recognition services for retail industry. Our award-winning shelf image recognition solution is used by a number of world famous brands to redefine how merchandizing works. With offices in New York and Moscow and backed by the Untitled Ventures, Starta Capital and Skoltech Ventures, Inspector Cloud’s ambitious goal is to set the industry standard for retail image recognition. We are providing industry most effective solution with +95% quality of service even for complicated categories. Our award-winning shelf image recognition solution is used by a number of world famous brands at a fraction of cost offered at the market. We know how complicated KPIs can be. We provide easy to use analytics configured for each project.

Kantar Consulting – Booth 2447

Our analysis is based on robust data-driven research that looks across market, shopper, and customer trends to present the most accurate view of the top global retailers and markets. We focus on the implications that are driving change across retail -- today and into the future. The leading suppliers, brand manufacturers, retailers, financial services, and strategic marketing firms rely on our insights to transform their businesses.

LuvThat - Booth 2345

LuvThat is a self-serve product placement platform that helps brands to connect with emerging media channels such as Airbnb, Uber and WeWork for marketing and distribution opportunities.

RetailDeep – Booth 2248

RetailDeep offers a simple sensor to help retailers identify VIP customers as they walk into the store, enabling personalized marketing on the spot as well as real-time action-able insights to empower associates to exceed customer expectations.

Simplista – Booth 2247

Simplista. Product Listing Simplified

Simplista is a listing platform that gets items onboarded 80% faster, with perpetual bottom line impact. Simplista is designed uniquely for Grocery and Pharmaceuticals; we simply onboard items directly from GS1 and other industry standard sources, enrich the retailer and supplier data through our workflow engine, then publish directly into SAP or other retail back-end systems - all in real time.

VirtualAPt - Booth 2245

VirtualAPT is a 360 degree production company that uses autonomous robots to create immersive and engaging videos. We are an end-to-end visualization platform for a variety of uses including shopping experiences, guided tours of offices, employee training, and much more. The videos are web-based, viewable on all modern devices and platforms, and can be played in multiple languages to connect a global audience.

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