Special Session Front End

Making the List: How to Reach the Mobile-First Shopper With a Zero Friction Strategy

August 24, 2019

2:30PM - 4:00PM

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Room 157

All Attendees

Friction is one of the biggest threats to your business – and today’s increasingly complex purchase journey hasn’t made things easier. Alongside rising consumer expectations, more touch points have brought with them more opportunity for brands to break on their promises of convenience.

At the same time, however, the progressively digital shopper experience has welcomed another, greater opportunity for retailers: better means than ever before to reach, build and connect with their audiences.

  • Join Facebook in this extended three-part session where you’ll learn:
  • What a successful digitized shopper marketing experience looks like for mobile-first consumers
  • How to leverage technology to help alleviate problems like reducing shrink and breaking shoppers’ traditional ‘footpaths’ to purchase down the aisles
  • Common challenges of building a CPG brand and where a strategic shopper marketing approach can help