Insight Session Front End

Purpose Driven Revolutionary Brands

August 26, 2019

8:00AM - 9:00AM

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Room 156 BC

Dan Mack

Founder, Mack Elevation

Dan Mack is a strategist, advisor and performance coach to numerous companies in the consumer package goods industry. He is the founder of the Elevation Forum Leadership Group and he leads innovation events in the CPG industry bringing together retailers & suppliers to discuss the future of the industry.

Our consulting and research show that Purpose Driven Revolutionary Brands are emerging, dynamic, purposeful and highly profitable – while connecting heart and soul with everyone and especially today’s millennial consumers.
These brands often control less than 10 percent of the category yet deliver 2-3 times the category average growth according to numerous studies by IRI and Bain. We have both been working with and studying many of these organizations for years.

These fast-growing, revolutionary brands operate under a different entrepreneurial mindset and business model. They do 7 things differently. Attendees at this session will learn what these 7 things are and how to build them into your own brands and businesses.

Presented by Shannon Curtin, Founder, Beauty Boutique Group, LLC. and Dan Mack, Managing Director, Mack Elevation