Exhibitor Toolkit

Stand out to decision makers at the largest gathering of chains and suppliers in the drugstore industry by starting your marketing campaign now.

Here are ideas and assets you can use to help you build brand awareness, accelerate sales and develop customer relationships before, during and after TSE. Make sure customers and prospects know you’ll be at TSE.

1. At least two months before TSE, create a unique landing page about your participation. Use your Market Exchange profile to:
  • Share your booth location.
  • Promote product launches and your participation in the virtual product showcase and Meet the Market.
  • Highlight in-booth activities
  • Share the events or items you’re sponsoring.
  • Introduce staff for meetings.
  • Update your company profile on your Market Exchange via your Exhibitor Dashboard.
  • Share your Market Exchange page via links available in your Exhibitor Dashboard.
2. Promote your Market Exchange profile and participation at TSE to retailers with email and social campaigns.

While you may be excited to talk about all the innovative new products and services you’ll unveil at TSE, think about what information is most meaningful to retailers. Spread out your communications so you always have something valuable to share and don’t overwhelm retailers with too much contact.
We’ve created a set of email signatures and graphics you can use on your website, emails and social posts to help you promote your presence at TSE.

Need help with messaging? Here are some sample social posts and an email template to get you started: 

  • Just confirmed our booth XXXXX at #NACDSTSE. See you in Boston, August 27-29.
  • Who’s going to #NACDSTSE? We’re exhibiting, let’s meet up! Booth XXXXX.
  • Come see our new [PRODUCT LAUNCH INFO], booth XXXXX, at #NACDSTSE.
  • Hi <first name>,
    We’re excited to announce that <your company name> will be attending Total Store Expo in Boston, August 27-29.
    We can’t wait to share our exciting new products and network with others in the industry.
    If you’ll also be there, we’d love to catch up! Stop by <booth number> and say hi.
    Interested in registering? Here is a link that you can use!
    Talk soon,
    <your name>
3. Plan fun in-booth activities and swag

Put yourself in retailers’ shoes, and brainstorm booth activities and swag that will resonate with them and their TSE experience. What could you do or give out that would make them smile, energize them for a busy day or revive them after a late night? Consider special giveaways for customers.

4. Review what to expect at TSE

Are you a first-time exhibitor or a seasoned attendee looking for a refresher? Check out our Guide to Success developed by members of the NACDS Retail Advisory Board.  https://tse.nacds.org/guide-to-success/

5. Discover the retailers you should meet with
  • Search retailers attending in 2022 on the Participants page.
  • Explore MY TSE, a custom view of the retail attendees most relevant to your company. (coming soon!)
  • Invite those retailers that you want to meet with to schedule an appointment during the conference. Explain why and how meeting with your company will benefit the retailer in the invitation. We provide email and phone numbers for all attendees on the Participants page to make it easy for you to connect with them.

The Exhibit Hall is massive so you need to make sure you are top of mind for retailers.

Send a “Reminder” to the retailers that you have appointments with that confirms the time and location of your appointment the night before your meetings.

Use your social media channels to drive traffic to your booth by:

  • Sharing photos of your activities 
  • Introducing staff and share photos with you and your partners
  • Promoting onsite demos
  • Answering questions from attendees and being a source of insight and key takeaways

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #NACDSTSE

  • Follow up with leads you talked with at TSE to continue the conversations. 
  • After each conversation, rank the lead according to fit and level of interest. Was it small talk? Did you talk about their business needs. Did you discuss pricing?
  • Send personal emails to priority leads. Create a lead nurturing campaign to other leads to educate them on your product or service, stay top of mind and build a relationship. 
  • In both cases, remind them you met at Total Store Expo and what you discussed.

For further details, please contact Stephanie Salguero at ssalguero@nacds.org or (703) 837-4279.