Jinali Desai

Vice President, Bundled Solutions


Jinali Desai

Jinali Desai is Walmart’s Vice President of Bundled Solutions. She leads the development and operational execution of integrated offerings for large customers such as self-insured employers, payors and health systems. The development will include collaborating with our business areas in H&W and across Walmart to take current assets and build Health & Wellness solutions to meet the needs of targeted populations. Jinali will work with teams in the Direct Spend, W+ and other areas to have an integrated offering for customers who purchase health solution offerings.

Jinali began her career with Walmart as an MBA/MPH intern in 2010 and throughout her career with the company, has leveraged a blend of strategy, operations, business development, and financial skills to launch new operations, improve efficiencies and economies of scale and advance technological capabilities. Throughout her years with Walmart, Jinali has had the privilege of leading our H&W front lines teams as a MHWD and Divisional Leader, accelerated our NHM strategy, led pharmacy buying for Walmart US, as the VP/DMM for Pharmacy merchandising, worked on the inception of Walmart Health and most recently led Strategic Planning, Data and Analytics. Jinali has a passion for healthcare transformation – putting customers in the driver’s seat fueled by her understanding of the healthcare supply chain from both a system and customer perspective as well as unique leadership experience that intersects retail, healthcare, and consumer services.


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