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Booth Information

All manufacturer, supplier, services, sales and marketing, and consulting companies must have their own booth space in order to attend. Booth space fees include one complimentary registration per 100 square feet.


First-time exhibitors may purchase booth space without a “Booking Code” using the white “Continue” button at the bottom of the booth purchase page.

For information or assistance, please contact the NACDS Exhibits Department at (703) 837-4320 or

Rules & Regulations

Please read and familiarize yourself with the Total Store Expo Rules & Regulations prior to registering for the conference.

Floor Plan

Explore the show floor and find your future booth space.

Member Fees

Booth fee includes one complimentary registrant per 100 square feet purchased.

Booth Size Sq. Ft. Inline Corner
10′ x 10′ 100 $6,300 $6,800
10′ x 20′ 200 $12,600 $15,000
10′ x 30′ 300 $18,900 $22,500
10′ x 40′ 400 $25,200 $30,000
20′ x 20′ Island 400 $30,800
20′ x 30′ Island 600 $45,600
20′ x 40′ Island 800 $60,000
20′ x 50′ Island 1,000 $74,000
20′ x 60′ Island 1,200 $86,400
20′ x 70′ Island 1,400 $99,400
30′ x 30′ Island 900 $66,600
30′ x 40′ Island 1,200 $86,400
30′ x 50′ Island 1,500 $106,500
40′ x 40′ Island 1,600 $112,000
40′ x 50′ Island 2,000 $138,000
50′ x 50′ Island 2,500 $162,500

Custom booth sizes are available on request. Please contact the NACDS exhibits team for more information at or 703-837-4320.

Non-Member Fees

Booth fee includes one complimentary registrant per 100 square feet purchased.

Booth Size                Sq. Ft.                 Inline                        Corner
10′ x 10′                        100                    $10,775                   $12,975

Private Meeting Space Fees

Private Meeting Spaces are a turnkey solution for those wishing to conduct meetings outside of their booth. They come fully built with 4 solid walls, a locking door, a company name sign, carpet, a conference table, and 6 chairs. Private Meeting Space is only available for companies reserving a minimum 10×20 booth. Availability is limited.

Single: $13,900
Double: $27,800

Booth Logistics

The booth logistics information includes important deadlines, the option for turnkey custom booth packages, a targeted move-in schedule for freight delivery, details about exhibitor access schedules, the use of shipping labels, and the requirement for exhibitor-appointed contractors (EACs) to provide information and insurance certificates.

Booth Space Cancellation & Downgrade

All booth cancellations and requests to downgrade contracted booth and meeting space must be submitted in writing. Exhibitors who are unable to occupy and use the contracted exhibit space should forward a completed “Booth Cancellation Form or letter to the NACDS Exhibits Department. Cancellation form or letters may be emailed to

  • Upon Cancellation, all complimentary and paid registrations will be canceled. Paid registrations will be subject to the cancellation and refund schedule outlined in Section I, #4, “Individual Cancellations and Substitutions” of the Rules & Regulations.
  • Exhibitors opting to relocate their presence into a shared booth more than seven (7) days after contacting their original booth will be considered a booth downgrade and will be subject to the applicable schedule and associated fees.
  • NACDS reserves the right to invoice Exhibitor the cancellation/downgrade fee balance in the event booth payments made are less than the fee amount. Exhibitor’s ability to participate in future NACDS events may be impacted due to unpaid cancellation/downgrade fees.
  • Upon booth downgrade, Exhibitor’s complimentary registration allotment will be reduced in accordance with the exhibitor’s new booth size. Exhibitors will be required to pay for previously complimentary registrations at the appropriate rate.
  • NACDS reserves the right to relocate downgraded booth spaces to a more suitable location in the exhibit hall.

Cancellation / Downgrade Refund Schedule

Received in writing September 18, 2023 – March 1, 2024:

  • Cancellations will be refunded minus an administrative fee equal to 25% of the contracted booth/meeting space price.
  • Downgrades will be refunded the difference in cost, less a 25% administrative fee applied to the difference in cost between the original booth and the downgraded booth.

Received in writing March 2, 2024, and later:

  • Companies whose booth cancellation form or booth downgrade is received on or after March 2, 2024, will forfeit any refund.
  • Exhibitors who fail to attend forfeit the entire booth fee.

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