Meet the Market - Exhibitors

Meet the Market is a special program designed to introduce the latest innovative products, technology and services to Retailers through a series of 10-minute appointments arranged by NACDS.

When and Where?

Saturday, August 27, 2022
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Who Attends?

Retail companies: Buyers/category managers and other product decision-makers from drug stores, supermarkets, club stores, mass merchants, convenience, dollar and specialty retail.

Exhibitors: Any manufacturer or service provider that is new to NACDS conferences or presenting a new product, service, or technology at the NACDS Total Store Expo is eligible to participate.

Who Is Eligible To Participate?

Companies new to NACDS conferences and previous exhibitors that have a new product launch within the year.

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​How Does It Work?

  • NACDS is solely responsible for booking these appointments.
  • Retail buyers will have their own table; exhibitors move around based on the schedule provided.
  • Appointments last ten minutes. There are two minutes between appointments to relocate.
  • There is only ONE schedule per COMPANY for exhibitors.
  • Two registered exhibit individuals per company may participate.

Costs Involved

  • There is no cost for this program.
  • You MUST be an exhibitor to participate; you cannot be in the Meet the Market program without purchasing a booth.


You are not automatically signed up for this program.

  • Your Main Representative MUST be a registered attendee. This person will be the sole contact for the program.
  • Your product categories determine appointment matches, pay close attention to them and make sure they are the closest match for your product.

Exhibiting Companies

Exhibiting companies should contact Mary Medawar at (703) 837-4320 or with any questions about the program, eligibility or completing the form.

Meet the Market in 2019

Meet the Market reached a record-breaking 7,600+ appointments in 2019 through a series of ten-minute appointments arranged by NACDS — thousands of presentations in this pre-exhibition event!

I love Meet the Market it’s one of my favorite events. All year long, my team looks forward to it. It’s a long day, but we get to very quickly see a hundred manufacturers across the team. We always talk about what’s going to be the one or two things, the gems that we find at the show. It’s kind of like a diamond in a rough, we get to find new products and new suppliers in that meeting in a very quick, efficient kind of format.

Naomi Duvall

Cardinal Health

I thought 10-minutes wouldn't be enough but 10 minutes was really a treasure for me. I had 3 products to pitch and I had numerous retailers just almost write an order on the spot.

Leon Kohn