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Vinima Shekhar

Vice President, Merchandising for Wellness Walmart

Vinima Shekhar is a highly accomplished leader in the retail industry with extensive experience across manufacturing, merchandising, eCommerce and fintech. Currently serving as the Vice President of Merchandising for wellness at Walmart, she is responsible for delivering affordable health and wellness products and services to customers.

Vinima’s leadership extends beyond financial performance, as she is deeply committed to addressing health and wellness issues that can enhance the quality of life for millions of Americans. Her passion for empowering customers to age healthily and her dedication to providing affordable options, particularly for underserved communities, guide her decision making. Vinima’s leadership style is characterized by inclusivity, trust, empathy, and a genuine commitment to the growth and development of her team members.

Prior to joining Walmart, Vinima gained extensive experience in sales, marketing, operations, and business development in the manufacturing sector. Her time as an expat in Thailand and Hong Kong have also shaped her perspective and inspired her to co-found a local digitally native company, which now operates as a non-profit organization supporting families in need.